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Fire safety engineering. Requirements governing algebraic formulae - General requirements

Overview What is ISO 24678-1-Fire safety engineering calculations about?   ISO 24678 is an International Standard that discusses fire safety engineering.   ISO 24678-1 is the first part in the multi-series that provides requirements to govern the application of explicit algebraic formulae sets to the calculation of fire phenomena.  ISO 24678-1 is arranged in the form of a template, where specific information relevant to algebraic formulae are provided to satisfy the following types of general requirements:  Requirements governing description of physical phenomena  Requirements governing calculation process  Requirements governing limitations  Requirements governing input parameters  Requirements governing domain of applicability  Algebraic formulae conforming to the requirements of ISO 24678-1 are used with other engineering calculation methods during fire safety design.  Who is ISO 24678-1-Fire safety engineering calculations for?   ISO 24678-1 on fire safety engineering is relevant to:  Fire safety engineers  Fire safety practitioners  Product design engineers  Local authorities   Fire service personnel  Code enforcers and developers  Regulatory bodies  Why should you use ISO 24678-1-Fire safety engineering calculations?   The algebraic formulae discussed in ISO 24678-1 can be useful for estimating the consequences of design fire scenarios. Such formulae are valuable for allowing the practitioner to quickly determine how a proposed fire safety design needs to be modified to meet the performance criteria and to compare among multiple trial designs.  Examples of areas where algebraic formulae have been applicable include determination of heat transfer, both convective and radiant, from fire plumes, prediction of ceiling jet flow behaviours governing detector response, calculation of smoke transport through vent openings and analysis of compartment fire hazards such as smoke filling and flashover.  If you are involved with fire safety designing, ISO 24678-1-compliant engineering calculation methods can help determine if the performance criteria are met by a particular design and if not, how the design needs to be modified.  Thus, ISO 24678-1 can be helpful in enhancing the use and performance of fire safety systems and providing optimal protection against the destruction caused by fire. ISO 24678-1 can also positively contribute to your product development and research initiatives in the field of fire safety engineering.

BS ISO 24678-1:2019

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