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This guide is based on chapter 1 of the forthcoming updated edition of the SLL Code for Lighting and has been produced as a free stand-alone document to act as an introduction to light and lighting for all those with an interest in the subject. It starts by looking at the issues that affect the quality of lighting and task performance before going on to look at how light affects behaviour, safety and perception of objects and space. The final sections look at lighting and health, and cost and pollution issues.
1 Lighting quality
1.1 The place of lighting in the modern world
2 An overview of the effects of light on human performance
3 Lighting and visual task performance
3.1 Visual performance
3.2 Visual search
3.3 Mesopic conditions
3.4 A discrepancy
3.5 Improving visual performance
4 Lighting and behaviour
4.1 Attracting attention
4.2 Directing movement
4.3 Communication
5 Lighting and safety
5.1 Emergency escape lighting
5.2 Road lighting
5.3 Lighting and crime
6 Lighting and perception
6.1 Brightness
6.2 Form
6.3 Higher order perceptions
7 Lighting and health
7.1 Eyestrain
7.2 Non-visual effects
7.3 Tissue damage by optical radiation
8 Lighting and Energy
8.1 The design process
8.2 Energy use benchmarking
8.3 Wider environmental issues
9 Lighting costs
9.1 Financial costs
9.2 Electricity consumption
9.3 Chemical pollution
9.4 Light pollution
10 The future
11 References
Author: Paul Ruffles

LG0: Introduction to light and lighting (2017)

VAT Included
  • Publisher CIBSE Status – – – № of pages 39 Publication Date Mar 2017 ISBN 9781912034161
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