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The office environment has changed considerably in recent years. Tablet and smartphone use continue to free people from their desks and present challenges to lighting designers. It is likely that people will spend some time in offices but that their working week may see them work from various locations, including their homes. As such, this revision of Lighting Guide 7 now includes advice on lighting for a home office.
The illumination levels recommended by this guide reflect those given in BS EN 12464-1:2021 Light and lighting — Lighting of work places, and guidance considers both the needs of individuals as well as the need to reduce energy use where reasonable. In the UK, office lighting levels should be provided at a level that is safe and comfortable, and allows an individual to carry out their tasks efficiently. The approach may differ for each project based on a number of factors. The approach is centred around providing a base level of illumination that is then increased or decreased following an assessment of individual occupants and use of a space through the application of context modifiers. This can be seen as a significant change to how lighting levels in offices are determined if considered across the whole office space, rather than as a prompt to consider individual occupants or tasks.

LG7: Offices (2015)

VAT Included
  • Publisher CIBSE Status Active № of pages 139 Publication Date Jan 2023 ISBN 9781914543463
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