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Fire risk assessment - Premises other than housing. Code of practice

Overview What is PAS 79-1 about?   PAS 79-1 gives recommendations and corresponding examples of documentation for undertaking and recording the significant findings of fire probability assessments in non-domestic premises for which fire risk assessments are required by legislation. PAS 79-1 is applicable to peer-to-peer rented accommodation to the extent that such accommodation falls within the scope of the relevant fire safety legislation.  Note: PAS 79-1 is not applicable to:  A single-family private dwelling  A shared house or a house in multiple occupations  The common parts of blocks of flats or maisonettes  Sheltered housing and extra care housing and supported housing  Who is PAS 79-1 for?   PAS 79-1 on fire assessment is relevant to:  Fire safety authorities  Owners and builders of commercial spaces  Fire rescue and extinguishing companies  Manufacturers of fire extinguishing equipment  Regulatory bodies  Why should you use PAS 79-1?   PAS 79-1 provides organizations and their advisers with a methodology that can help them meet their legislative responsibilities to undertake fire probability assessments and promote a better understanding of fire problems and safety by organizations and non-fire specialists.  PAS 79-1 establishes a pragmatic, holistic, approach towards assessment of fire prevention measures, fire protection measures, and management of fire safety, for the purpose of conducting fire probability assessments, based upon a fundamental understanding of fire safety principles.  By adopting PAS 79-1, and the right assessment techniques, you can help in minimizing the severity of damage to occupants and property in the event of a fire.  What’s changed since the last update?  BS 79-1-2021 supersedes PAS 79:2012, which is withdrawn. The latest version includes the following changes:  PAS 79 has been split into two parts, with PAS 79-1 dealing with non-housing premises and PAS 79-2 dealing with housing premises.  The scope of this new Part 1 of PAS 79 excludes blocks of flats, sheltered housing, extra care housing supported housing, and certain houses in multiple occupations   The technical content has been subject to amendment in the light of experience in the use of PAS 79:2012  There is recognition of pre-occupation fire safety assessments, a term now defined in this PAS, and a clarification to avoid confusion between those assessments and the fire risk assessment to which this PAS refers.  Changes to, and publication of relevant new, British Standards have been considered. Users of this document will wish to be aware of the Government’s latest position on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans which can be found here.

PAS 79-1:2020

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