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Code of practice for fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises - Hose reels and foam inlets

Overview What is BS 5306-1- Hose reels and foam inlets about?   BS 5306-1 discusses the code of practice for fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises. The aim of BS 5306-1 provides best industry requirements for safe and reliable operation of hose reels and foam inlets, such that they play a positive role during fire emergency.  The BS 5306-1 gives recommendations for hose reels and foam inlets. It covers good practice in matters affecting the design, installation, testing and maintenance of such systems. It does not give requirements for the hose reels themselves, which are specified in BS EN 671. Note: BS 5306-1 does not cover wet and dry fire mains, automatic foam systems and portable fire-fighting equipment. Who is BS 5306-1 - Hose reels and foam inlets for?   BS 5306-1 on is relevant to:  Hose reels and foam inlet manufactures   Installers  Entities involved in fire safety engineering  Quality control and testing department  Fire safety departments  Local authorities  Regulatory bodies  Why should you use BS 5306-1 - Hose reels and foam inlets?   A fire hose or foam inlets carries water or fire retardant that is foam to a fire to extinguish it. Fire hose and foam inlets in proper condition provide a very effective firefighting facility with a continuous supply of water available immediately.  BS 5306-1 provides you with design requirements that can be followed while manufacturing of hose system. This ensures that hose reels and foam inlets are designed as per the best industry performance requirements. BS 5306-1 provides test methods to check and defects in the working of hose reels and foam inlets. This can ensure that components are efficient and help in extinguishing fire immediately.   BS 5306-1 provides guidance in protecting installed equipment from theft and vandalism. This ensure that in any situation where installed equipment is at risk from thieves and vandals, special measures to protect all parts of the installation are essential, provided that these measures do not inhibit the primary purpose for which the equipment is installed. If you are a manufacturer, BS 5306-1 can ensure that your components contribute to the operational efficiency of the hose reels and foam inlets and contribute to a successful fire response.

BS 5306-1:2006

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