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Fire Alarm Zone Plans

A zone plan is a geographical representation of the building clearly showing the division into fire alarm zones. It is a requirement for every building other then a domestic dwellings

In accordance with BS 5839-1:2017, when a competent person or company carries out the maintenance on any fire alarm system it is required that a missing zone plan should be recorded as a major non-compliance.

A Fire Alarm Zone Plan MUST include:

  • Building name and floors;

  • Escape route and final exits;

  • Circulation areas;

  • Alarm panel and repeater location (one plan per location required); and

  • Correctly oriented “You Are Here”.

If the site has any paper drawings available, then you can mark up the drawings, scan and email them to us. If  you are doing this then please remember everything needs to be legible for us to read - if we can’t see it - we can’t draw it.


If you are unable to scan your mark-ups then you can take a photograph of your drawing, however, you must ensure that you do the following:

  • Ensure that the drawings are flat

  • Take the photograph directly above or in front of the drawings. NOT at an angle

  • Make sure no glare or reflections are obscuring any drawing and that the camera is in focus

  • Send the photograph as an attachment  at the largest size possible, so that we can zoom in and out of the phot and can see detail without the image going blurred.

Simple Pricing Model

Zone Plan (up to 5 zones)  (A4 Frame)    £83
Zone Plan (up to 10 zones)  (A3 Frame)    £165
Zone Plan (5 zones) + As Fitted drawings (pdf)    £158
Zone Plan (10 zones) + As Fitted drawings (pdf)    £315

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