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Fixed firefighting systems. Oxygen reduction systems. Design, installation, planning and maintenance

Overview What is BS EN 16750 about?   BS EN 16750 specifies oxygen reduction systems that are used as fire prevention systems by creating an atmosphere in an area which is having a lower permanent oxygen concentration as in ambient conditions. The level of oxygen reduction is defined by these areas.   BS EN 16750 specifies minimum requirements and defines the specifications governing the design, installation, and maintenance of fixed oxygen reduction systems with oxygen-reduced air in buildings and industrial production plants.   BS EN 16750 also applies to the extensive modification of existing systems and to oxygen reduction systems using nitrogen which are designed for continual oxygen reduction in enclosed spaces.  In addition to the conditions for the actual oxygen reduction system and its individual components BS EN 16750 also covers certain structural specifications for the protected area.  Note- Nitrogen is today the most suitable gas to be used for oxygen reduction. For other gases, this European standard can be used as the basis.  BS EN 16750 does not apply to explosion suppression systems, explosion prevention systems, fire extinguishing systems using gaseous extinguishing agents, and inerting required during repair work on systems or equipment (e.g. welding) in order to eliminate the probability of fire or explosion  Who is BS EN 16750for?   BS EN 16750 on fixed firefighting systems applied for the following:  Firefighting engineers  Fire station  Fire and safety department  Fire designers  Why should you use BS EN 16750?   Oxygen reduction systems are designed to prevent fires from starting or spreading, by means of the introduction of oxygen reduced air. Oxygen reduction systems are not designed to extinguish fires. BS EN 16750 helps you base your design and installation on detailed knowledge of the protected area, its occupancy and the materials in question. BS EN 16750 lets you ensure that the fire protection measures suit the hazard as a whole.  It is important to emphasize that across the European Union there are several regulatory and legislative limitations for access and working in areas with lower oxygen concentration, so BS EN 16750 enables you toit to take these limitations into account. BS EN 16750 can be used as per the national legislation in each country of the European Union.  BS EN 16750 guidance is helpful as it protects a building's occupants and minimizes the damage associated with fire. Overall, the goal is to provide the widest possible window for a safe evacuation, whilst also reducing potential repair costs.  As a user of BS EN 16750, it enables you to eradicate the probability of collateral damage and downtime and attribute it to people safety and environmentally friendliness.

BS EN 16750:2017

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