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Clik Service brings your office team, engineers and customers together. It allows you to improve communication, complete jobs efficiently and manage your workforce. It helps everyone save time, allows your business to grow and gets you home on time. Schedule your jobs, and track them from start to finish.


  • Schedule your jobs, and track them from start to finish

  • Send jobs to engineers when they're out in the field

  • Save time creating quotes, turn them into an invoice with one click

  • Manage your customer's contracts and SLA’s

  • CRM shared diary and customer account history

  • Create tailored action lists for specific tasks and checklists

  • Keeps everything together and everyone on the same page


  • 1st office licence £750

  • Additional licences  £350 per user

  • 2 Users - £1,100

  • 5 Users - £1,975

  • 10 Users - £3,500

(one-off fee)

Clik Cover

Up to 2 licences £360

Additional licences  

  • £120 per user

  • 5 Users - £720

  • 10 Users - £1,300

(annual fee)

What is Clik Cover?

Minimum System Requirements?

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