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CEA BG07 - Thermal Fluid Systems


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This document, Thermal Fluid Systems - A Practical guide for Safe Design, Operation and Maintenance (BG07) has been developed and written by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) in consultation with its Members and other stakeholders within the thermal fluid industry to help designers, owners, managers and operators of new and existing thermal fluid heating systems to install and operate safe systems, and to make health and safety and environmental improvements in the industry. The objective is to help users of thermal fluid systems manage their own risks and create safe and efficient installations. INTRODUCTION Thermal fluid heating systems are in common use across many sectors of industry and it is estimated there are at least 2000 installations of such heaters in the UK fired on natural gas and light oil, and many more, often smaller units, utilising direct electrical heating of the fluid. Biomass is also used in some installations as a fuel. Thermal fluid heaters are available in a wide range of sizes to suit many different applications and temperature requirements. Units capable of delivering fluid temperatures to processes at up to 350oC range from 100kW to around 17MW output, with smaller sizes for providing heat to individual process machines also being readily available. Some systems also include cooling capability to around minus 50oC with the correct choice of fluid. Users of these installations operate in a wide variety of industries including: Food and drink manufacturing, breweries and distilleries; Printing and coatings industries; Petrochemicals and bitumen reactors; Fine chemicals; Wood panel and composite panel manufacturing; Extrusion and moulding processes; This guidance is for users of thermal fluid systems to enable them to fully understand the capabilities of thermal fluid heaters and the way they can be integrated into their business. It will also be useful for designers and installers to remind them of emerging legislation and best practices that affect the installations they create, and it will help plant operators and maintenance contractors to keep the installations operating safely and at optimum efficiency. There are a number of sets of legislation relating to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of industrial equipment such as thermal fluid heaters and associated systems, and reference is made to the most significant of these throughout the text.

BG07 - Thermal Fluid Systems

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