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CEA BG10 - Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment


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Most industrial and commercial processes involve the use of services and fluids that are normally contained within pipes, ducts and wires, and they are generally safe to use if the systems that contain them are correctly designed and installed, and properly maintained. However, almost all such installations will require disconnection or dismantling at some stage in their life, sometimes many times over, for activities such as repair, replacement or routine maintenance. Equipment in normal operating mode will usually run safely without any problems, but as soon as the equipment is required to be maintained or repaired it is extremely likely it will need to be isolated from all its sources of energy and any danger.

The common factor is that any commissioning, maintenance or repair activity on those assets must be carried out with all due regard for the safety of people involved and those around them, and every intervention must therefore be preceded by a safe isolation procedure. However, taking equipment apart inevitably requires that it is put back together correctly, necessitating following of a safe process of reinstatement.

Guidance on the Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment (Ref: BG10) is a document intended to assist managers, operators and maintenance personnel of new and existing industrial and commercial plant installations in addressing the following issues:

  • How to assess risks associated with isolating services for repair and maintenance activities on industrial and commercial plant;
  • Producing procedures to ensure a safe working environment for those activities;
  • Safe methods of managing plant and equipment isolation activities including Permit to Work (PtW) systems.

BG10 - Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment

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