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BIP 2081:2020

A Guide to Emergency Lighting, Third Edition


BIP 2081 discusses guide to emergency lighting BIP 2081 is the third edition of the multi-series. BIP 2081 is about emergency lighting that provides illumination to allow occupants to use escape routes in the event of a failure of the normal lighting supply.  


BIP 2081 has traditionally been associated with fire protection systems and it has become an essential element to enable persons to escape from fires. But it also has an important function in the event of total or local supply failures, protecting users and giving them the confidence to escape safely. 


Who is BIP 2081 for? 

BIP 2081 on Emergency Lightning is applicable to:  

  • Facilities managers 
  • Installation engineers 
  • Suppliers 
  • System designers 
  • System users 
  • Electrical contractors 
  • Engineers involved in the maintenance of emergency lighting systems 
  • Installers and building control inspectors 
  • Fire protection companies  
  • Architects 
  • Local authorities and fire authorities  


Why should you use BIP 2081? 

Fire safety legislation places considerable responsibility on all those involved in designing, installing, and manufacturing emergency lighting systems, to meet fire safety risk assessments. Users and their supporting engineers need appropriate knowledge of the legislation and relevant standard and product practices to ensure that requirements are correctly implemented. 

BIP 2081 helps users, designers, and maintenance engineers understand the legislative demand to provide appropriate emergency lighting systems. It covers all aspects of the selection, design, installation, maintenance, and testing of battery-powered emergency lighting systems. 

BIP 2081:2020

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