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Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises - Commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. Code of practice

Benefits of Tracked ChangesChoosing Tracked Changes saves you time when trying to identify differences between the current version of the standard and its previous version. Additions, deletions, and other content revisions are all clearly displayed as underlined or strikethrough text, reducing the risk of you missing a key change.Overview What is BS 5306-3 - Fire extinguishing installations about? BS 5306-3 details best practices in how to install and maintain portable fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers should be regularly checked to make sure that they meet fire safety equipment regulations and are safe and effective for use. This includes being routinely inspected by a competent service technician to ensure they have not been discharged or lost pressure. BS 5306-3 puts the responsibility on businesses to use a competent person to perform the annual inspections, install, commission (skilled checks made to the extinguisher on-site), service, and test discharge fire extinguishers. They should also replace extinguishers that are no longer usable with serviceable extinguishers. Who is BS 5306-3 - Fire extinguishing installations for? Potential users of fire extinguisher standard BS 5306-3 include: Architects Fire protection service technicians Fire & Rescue Services Fire extinguisher servicing companies Fire extinguisher manufacturers Facility management companies Police services Care home management companies incorporating sheltered accommodation Companies undertaking fire risk assessments Landlords Why should you use BS 5306-3 - Fire extinguishing installations? BS 5306-3 provides the following: Recommendations for the initial commissioning of portable fire extinguishers Schedules for the subsequent maintenance of extinguishers installed in all locations Recommendations for handling certain obsolescent types of extinguishers, for which no maintenance schedules are provided Recommendations for the five levels of installation and maintenance: Commissioning Basic service Extended service Overhaul procedures Recharge What’s changed since the last update? BS 5306-3:2017 was updated to reflect changes to both the products themselves and to environmental considerations. Specifically, the principal changes: Reflect new agreements with water regulators on the disposal of water-based media Include recommendations for halon replacement gaseous agents Clarify the previous maintenance label Introduce electronic bar code labelling Clarify the actions to be taken on service exchange/replacement extinguishers at the time of extended service Supply better guidance in respect of environmental issues re. discharging contents during extended servicing Clarify the do’s and don’ts on extinguisher safety pins and anti-tamper tags Overhaul the refresher system for extinguisher technicians Update Note 5 to delete FIA as they no longer offer training courses Add in the consideration that needs to be given to extinguishers serviced to manufacturers’ instructions outside of Annexes B & D-F

BS 5306-3: 2017

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