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Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises - Specification for carbon dioxide systems

Overview What is BS 5306-4- Specification for carbon dioxide systems about?   BS 5306-4 is the British Standard that discusses fire extinguishing installations and equipment on-premises.  BS 5306-4 is the fourth part of the multi-series that is designed to convey carbon dioxide from a central source on the premises as and when required for the extinction of fire or the protection of particular plants or parts of the premises against possible fire risk.  BS 5306-4 does not apply to carbon dioxide portable fire extinguishers or to wheeled appliances for conveying carbon dioxide in containers.  Note 1: Requirements and recommendations for carbon dioxide portable fire extinguishers.   Note 2: Unless otherwise stated in the text all pressures are in bar gauge.  Who is BS 5306-4- Specification for carbon dioxide systems for?   BS 5306-4 on fire extinguishing installations is relevant to:  Architects  Fire protection service technicians  Fire and rescue services  Fire extinguisher servicing companies  Fire extinguisher manufacturers  Facility management companies  Police services  Care home management companies incorporating sheltered accommodation  Companies undertaking fire risk assessments   Why should you use BS 5306-4- Specification for carbon dioxide systems?   CO2 has for many years been a recognized effective medium for the extinction of flammable liquid fires and fires in the presence of electrical and ordinary class A hazards, but it should not be forgotten, in the planning of comprehensive schemes, that there may be hazards for which these mediums are not suitable or that in certain circumstances or situations there may be dangers in their use, requiring special precautions.   BS 5306-4 gives requirements and characteristic data for carbon dioxide and outlines the types of fires for which it is a recommended extinguishing medium. It also sets out recommendations for three established types of piped system embodying different concepts and employing different methods for the application of carbon dioxide:  Total flooding systems  Local application systems  Manual hose reel systems   Overall, compliance with best industry recommendations and requirements as provided by BS 5306-4 can ensure optimal performance of carbon dioxide systems, thus playing a positive role during a fire emergency.

BS 5306-4:2001+A1: 2012

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