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Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises - Recharging of portable fire extinguishers. Code of practice

Overview What is BS 5306-9- Recharging of portable fire extinguishers about?   BS 5306-9 is a British Standard that discusses fire extinguishing installations and equipment on-premises. This new part of the BS 5306 series brings together and updates the two parts of BS 6643, providing all recommendations for the recharging of portable fire extinguishers in a single standard.  BS 5306-9 is the ninth part of the series that gives recommendations for the recharging of portable fire extinguishers and for components, gas cartridges, propellants, and refill extinguishing media for extinguishers.  NOTE: Disposable extinguishers are not intended to be recharged and are therefore outside the scope of this part of BS 5306.  Who is BS 5306-9- Recharging of portable fire extinguishers for?   BS 5306-9 on Fire extinguishing installations is relevant to:  Manufacturers of portable fire extinguishers  Service engineers   Architects  Building owners  Installation and maintenance companies  Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)  Insurance industry  Why should you use BS 5306-9- Recharging of portable fire extinguishers?   Well maintained and professionally installed fire extinguishing equipment is fundamental to safety and helps protect property and save lives.  This code of practice provides essential guidance and recommendations on the regular servicing, maintenance and recharging of portable fire extinguishers. It also includes recommendations for components, gas cartridges, propellants and the refill of extinguishing media.  If you are a manufacturer, you can demonstrate the reliability, safety and performance of the extinguisher by adopting best industry practices that ensure of overall operational efficiency of the portable fire extinguishers.  With appropriate maintenance, recharging and installation practices, BS 5306-9 can thus play a positive role during a fire emergency.  What’s changed since the last update?  BS 5306-9:2015 supersedes BS 6643-1:1985 and BS 6643-2:1985, which are withdrawn. As compared to the previous version, BS 5306-9:2015 includes following principal changes:  Introduction of verified alternatives  Clarification of where new components should be used  Recognition of changes in BS 5306-3  Guidance on the procedures to be followed during the maintenance process of recharging an extinguisher

BS 5306-9:2015

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