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Fire detection and fire alarm devices for dwellings - Specification for multi-sensor fire alarms using any combination of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide sensors

Overview 1   Scope This part of BS 5446 specifies requirements and type test methods for multi-sensor fire alarms, using one of the following combinations of sensors: a) smoke and heat; b) smoke and carbon monoxide; c) carbon monoxide and heat; and d) smoke, carbon monoxide and heat. It is applicable to multi-sensor fire alarms intended solely for permanent installation on ceilings or walls of dwellings, and to multi-sensor fire alarms suitable for use in leisure accommodation vehicles (LAVs). It is not applicable to multi-sensor fire alarms incorporating ionization smoke sensors. NOTE 1 Equipment conforming to this part of BS 5446 might not be suitable for use in boats used as a means of accommodation on inland waterways, due to the corrosive atmosphere. NOTE 2 Although not covered by this part of BS 5446, equipment is available for use with multi-sensor fire alarms to provide a suitable warning system for use by deaf and hard of hearing people (see BS 5446‑3). NOTE 3 This part of BS 5446 does not cover the requirements for devices intended for incorporation in fire detection and alarm systems (see BS EN 54‑1). NOTE 4 This part of BS 5446 does not include detection of carbon monoxide as a toxic gas (see BS EN 50291‑1). NOTE 5 This part of BS 5446 does not include detection of fire using heat only (see BS 5446‑2).

BS 5446-4:2020

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