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What is BS 7255 - Safe working on lifts about?

It recommends safe working practices around lifts. 


Who is BS 7255 - Safe working on lifts for?

  • Owners of permanently installed lifts serving defined landing levels
  • Persons having effective control of the premises where such lifts are installed
  • Persons responsible for, and involved in, the design, installation, thorough examination, inspection, testing, service, maintenance, repair and dismantling of such lifts


Why should you use BS 7255 - Safe working on lifts?

It gives recommendations for the safety of persons when gaining access to and from the work area on a lift installation and while working there.

The recommendations also relate to the safety of others in the vicinity, whether they are working or not, who could be endangered by the actions of those working on lifts.

NOTE 1: For lifts that have been designed and installed in accordance with the Lifts Regulations 1997 [2], the recommendations that might affect product design do not apply.

NOTE 2: This standard does not cover stair lifts and other lifting appliances such as paternosters, mine lifts, access lifts to workplaces, theatrical lifts, appliances with automatic caging, skips, lifts and hoists for construction sites, ships’ hoists, platforms for exploration or drilling at sea, or construction and maintenance appliances, although it may be taken as a useful guide.


What’s changed since the last update?

This is a full revision of the 2001 edition and introduces the following principal changes:

  • Updates to accommodate new legislation
  • Revisions to accommodate new and revised standards published since 2001
  • The inclusion of improved safety procedures for working in a lift pit
  • The inclusion of information on occasions where there is more than one person working
  • Information on working on machine-room-less lift installations
  • The inclusion of recommendations for electrical working

BS 7255 Code of Practice for Safe Working on Lifts

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