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Code of practice for the operation of fire protection measures - Actuation of release mechanisms for doors

Overview What is BS 7273-4 about?   BS 7273-4 is the fourth in a five-part series that gives recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of electrical control arrangements for the actuation of mechanisms that unlock, release or open doors in case of a fire. BS 7273-4 covers any building, including dwellings, unless otherwise stated.  BS 7273-4 applies to all aspects of the interface between these mechanisms and fire detection and fire alarm system, including interfaces that incorporate acoustic coupling and radio transmission.  NOTE: BS 7273-4 does not recommend whether the above mechanisms should, or should not, be used in any given premises, or in any particular circumstances, nor does it apply to electrically controlled systems that form part of a smoke venting system.  Who is BS 7273-4 for?   BS 7273-4 on actuation of release mechanisms is applicable for the following:  Fire alarm manufacturers, designers and installers  Mechanical and electrical contractors  Gas, lift and fire safety engineers and consultants  Fire risk assessment bodies  Independent organisations involved with fire safety and rescue operations  Why should you use BS 7273-4?   BS 7273-4 is beneficial as it covers the electrical control arrangements for activating mechanisms overs any building, including dwellings and allows freedom of access and movement under normal circumstances.   Interface arrangements under BS 7273-4 are designed to release fire-resisting doors that are normally held in the open position, unlock doors that are normally locked, cause powered sliding doors to open. As a result, BS 7273-4 provides passive protection to structural components to prevent their failure due to fire exposure and saving lives and minimizing the damage.  BS 7273-4 is helpful in fire separations between building floors and high-hazard rooms to prevent the spread of fire.   As compared to the previous version, BS 7273-4 recommends solutions for the confusion between red break glass call points and door release units on electronically locked doors, thus minimizing incidents of unwanted alarms. As the buyer of BS 7273-4, you will be able to deliver a quick response in the event of a fire outbreak, that will help minimize overall damage and more importantly save human life. BS 7273-4 will also elevate your businesses, structures and systems at par with global code of practice.  What’s changed since the last update?  BS 7273-4:2015+A1:2021 supersedes BS 72734:2015, which is withdrawn. The following principal changes have been made:  To make the standard more straightforward to use and the recommendations more succinct, the text has been shortened and simplified  The diagrams relating to the location of smoke detectors in relation to electrically held open fire doors have been revised  There have been changes in terminology to help users of the standard  These better describe the suitability of the distinct categories of actuation in relation to applications

BS 7273-4:2015+A1:2021

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