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BS 7909:2023+A1:2024

Temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. Code of practice


This British Standard gives recommendations for the management, design, setting up and operation of temporary electrical systems using low voltage electricity, for the entertainment and similar or related industries. Mobile and transportable units with electrical installations that are used in these industries are also covered.


This British Standard gives recommendations for the provision of a safe and suitable temporary electrical system for an event and the duties and work to implement this.


NOTE 1 Each aspect of the work could be under the control of a different person responsible.

This British Standard gives guidance on matters of common interest to producers, production companies, event organizers and managers, freelancers, facilities and services hire companies, equipment hire companies, equipment manufacturers, electrical consultants, electrical installation contractors, distributors, suppliers of electricity, venues, local authorities and those responsible for safety.


The systems covered by this British Standard operate at low voltage, as defined in BS 7671. Electricity at low voltage can be taken from an existing installed electrical system, the public supply, privately owned supplies or from mobile or portable generators.


NOTE 2 All equipment forming the temporary electrical system is expected to be delivered to site as pre‑assembled units that have been tested and are known to be safe and suitable for use. This does not preclude the manufacture on site of simple units that might be necessary; though this is the exception and not the rule.


NOTE 3 It is expected that all electrical equipment, switchgear units, distribution units and cables used for work covered by this British Standard are manufactured to the appropriate product standards [e.g. BS EN 61439 (all parts)], and that the temporary electrical systems and their use are designed, set-up, supervised, operated and removed by suitably competent persons. It is also expected that responsibility for such temporary electrical systems is taken by a suitably competent person (referred to as the person responsible in this British Standard).


NOTE 4 In many situations temporary electrical distributions are intimately associated with mobile and transportable units. In such cases, see BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 and in particular Section 717, for further information.


NOTE 5 This British Standard can be applied to temporary electrical distributions at exhibitions and fairgrounds; see BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 and, in particular, Sections 711 and 740 respectively for specific information for these activities. Specialized documents related to exhibitions are published by the Association of EventVenues [1].


NOTE 6 Specialized documents related to theatres and places of entertainment are published by the Association of British Theatre Technicians [2].


NOTE 7 This British Standard does not offer guidance for hazardous locations where expert advice needs to be sought.

BS 7909:2023+A1:2024 Temporary electrical systems

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