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Fixed fire protection systems. Industrial and commercial watermist systems - Fire performance tests and requirements for watermist systems for the protection of combustion turbines and machinery spaces with volumes up to and including 80 m3

Benefits of Tracked Changes Choosing Tracked Changes saves you time when trying to identify differences between the current version of the standard and its previous version. Additions, deletions, and other content revisions are all clearly displayed as underlined or strikethrough text, reducing the risk of you missing a key change. Overview What is this standard about? The BS 8489 series of standards grew out of Drafts for Development (DD) and provides essential guidance to those involved in fire safety. BS 8489-5 is applicable to rooms with machinery such as oil pumps, oil tanks, generators, transformer vaults, gear boxes, drive shafts and lubrication skids, diesel engine driven generators and other similar machinery using fuel and/or lubrication fluids with volatilities less than or equal to diesel (e.g kerosene). It is not applicable to enclosures with equipment using fuel and/or lubrication fluids with volatilities greater than those of diesel. BS 8489-5 is intended to be read in conjunction with BS 8489-1 which looks at the design and installation of watermist systems. Who is this standard for? Anyone involved in the fire engineering community Manufacturers, designers and installers of watermist systems Specifiers Regulators Insurers Why should you use this standard?  BS 8489-5 gives criteria for testing the performance of combustion turbines and machinery spaces with volumes up to and including 80 m3, to help specify industrial and commercial hazards and protect both life and property.  The BS 8489 series of standards uses a structured approach to the selection, application and deployment of watermist systems in buildings. It will help assist the fire engineering community in formulating fire-fighting strategies for the protection of buildings and will complement the guidance provided in BS 5306-0 Fire protection installations and equipment on premises. Guide for selection of installed systems and other fire equipment. What’s changed since the last update? BS 8489 is a full revision of the Draft for Development and includes the following principal changes: Guidance on areas of operation Guidance on the effective capacity of tanks Extension of scope of application to cover more areas in buildings when supported by test standards produced by other organizations

BS 8489-5:2016

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