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Fire risk management systems. Requirements with guidance for use

Overview What is BS 9997 - Fire risk management systems about?   BS 9997 is a British standard on fire risk management systems which covers its requirements with guidance for use.  BS 9997 specifies requirements for a fire risk management system (FRM system) that can be applied in organizations that operate on multiple sites, separate management divisions within an organization or individual premises within a single organization.  BS 9997 provides a framework for an enhanced management system level as described in BS 9999:2017, to provide a measurable assessment of the factors that can be fed into the risk profile for a specific building to allow design freedoms that might otherwise be unobtainable.  Who is BS 9997 - Fire risk management systems for?  BS 9997 on requirements and guidance for use of fire risk management systems can be used by any organization that wishes to:  Establish a formal FRM system  Implement, maintain and continually improve an FRM system  Assure itself of its conformity with its stated fire policy and strategy  Why should you use BS 9997 - Fire risk management systems?   The management of fire risk is a key responsibility for anyone in charge of a building or a portfolio of buildings. This is especially the case for infrastructure that is high risk, such as hospitals and care homes. A fire risk management system should be considered to protect the lives of people within the buildings as well as to ensure legal compliance.  BS 9997 provides a holistic framework for requirements and guidance for use of fire risk management systems including topics like leadership, planning, support, operation,  performance evaluation and improvement.   BS 9997  will help you minimize risks to life, property, business continuity and the environment from the threat of fire that arises as a result of its activities. This will greatly help you in increasing safety in your organization and protecting your employees

BS 9997:2019

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