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Portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents supplied by firefighting pumps. Hand-held branchpipes for fire service use - High pressure branchpipes PN 40

Overview What is BS EN 15182-4-High pressure branchpipes about?   BS EN 15182 is a European Standard that discusses fire & rescue service equipment. It mainly covers portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents supplied by firefighting pumps. The main objective of the BS EN 15182 series is to ensure that firefighting equipment impart the necessary level of protection and performance, thereby playing a positive role during a fire emergency.   BS EN 15182-4 applies to hand-held high-pressure branch pipes (nozzles) with a nominal pressure of 40 bar (4,0 MPa) PN 40, with a maximum flow rate up to 250 l/min at a reference pressure of 6 bar (0,6 MPa). BS EN 15182-4 deals with:  Safety requirements  Performance requirements  Test methods  Who is BS EN 15182-4- High pressure branchpipes for?  BS EN 15182-4 on portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents is relevant to:  Manufacturers of firefighting equipment  Manufacturers of high pressure branchpipes  Manufacturers and suppliers of branchpipe components  Fire safety departments  Quality control and testing agencies  Regulatory authorities  Why should you use BS EN 15182-4- High pressure branchpipes?   Branch pipe is a fire-fighting nozzle that is used most commonly by most fire brigades. They create a jet pattern which is a jet pattern of water flow with farthest and maximum reach. In this regard, a high-pressure branchpipe is one which includes a shut-off device and an adjustable pattern with a nominal pressure (maximum operating pressure) of 40 bar.  BS EN 15182-4 has been created to provide a minimum level of safety and performance criteria and helps to minimize the impact of a fire outbreak.  BS EN 15182-4 walks you through the requirements of mechanical and hydraulic characteristics, materials, dimension and mass. Recommendations of flow rate and effective throw are also covered.   If you are a manufacturer, compliance with BS EN 15182-4 ensures your products offer optimal operational efficiency while maintaining leak tightness and resists effects of water hammer. Thus, you can minimize risk of product failure and enable a timely and effective fire response.    What’s changed since the last update?  BS EN 15182-4:2019 supersedes BS EN 15182‑4:2007+A1:2009, which is withdrawn. Compared to EN 15182-4:2007+A1:2009 the following changes have been made:  New maximum flowrate: 250 l/min  The definitions have been updated  Each verification has been placed under the corresponding requirement  A test to measure the forces needed to move the rotating elements which have detents (4.2.2) has been added  The requirements for flowrates (4.3.2) have been updated

BS EN 15182-4:2019

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