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Fixed firefighting systems. Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems - Design, installation and maintenance

Benefits of Tracked ChangesChoosing Tracked Changes saves you time when trying to identify differences between the current version of the standard and its previous version. Additions, deletions, and other content revisions are all clearly displayed as underlined or strikethrough text, reducing the risk of you missing a key change.Overview What is BS EN 15276-2- Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems about?   BS EN 15276 is a European Standard that discusses fixed firefighting systems. The main objective of the BS EN 15276 series is to ensure fixed firefighting systems offer optimal protection during a fire emergency.   BS EN 15276-2 is the second part in the series that specifies requirements and methods for the design, installation, and maintenance of condensed aerosol extinguishing systems and the characteristics of the extinguishing media and types of fire for which it is a suitable extinguishing medium.  BS EN 15276-2 covers the use of condensed aerosol extinguishing systems for total flooding applications.  BS EN 15276-2 does not cover all legislative requirements and is not applicable to explosion suppression applications.  Who is BS EN 15276-2- Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems?  BS EN 15276-2 on fixed firefighting systems is relevant to:  Manufacturers of fixed firefighting systems  Manufacturers of aerosol generators  Manufacturers of condensed aerosol extinguishing systems  Entities involved with fire safety engineering  Product designers  Fire safety departments  Installers  Health and safety authorities  Why should you use BS EN 15276-2- Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems?   Condensed aerosol is an extinguishing medium consisting of finely divided solid particles and gaseous matter, these being generated by a combustion process of a solid aerosol-forming compound. Aerosol extinguishants have been recognized as effective media for the extinction of Class A fires (solid surface burning fires) and Class B and Class C fires according to EN 2.   In this regard, firefighting systems covered in BS EN 15276-2 are designed to provide a supply of fixed condensed aerosol extinguishing medium to extinguish fire.  BS EN 15276-2 walks you through best industry guidance on the design, installation and maintenance of condensed aerosol extinguishing systems, so as to ensure optimal functional efficiency, reliability and safety during operation, that contributes to a successful fire response.   What’s changed since the last update?  BS EN 15276-2:2019 supersedes PD CEN/TR 15276‑2:2009, which is withdrawn. As compared to the previous edition CEN/TR 15276-2:2009, the following technical modifications have been made:  The Technical Report CEN/TR 15276-2:2009 has been revised and published as a standard  Normative references have been updated  Clause 3 "Terms and definitions" has been revised  Clause 4 "Use and limitations" has been revised  Clause 5 "Safety" has been revised  Clause 6 "System design" has been revised

BS EN 15276-2:2019

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