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Portable aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes

Overview What is BS EN 16856 about?   BS EN 16856 specifies the requirements for non-refillable portable aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes.   BS EN 16856 supplements the characteristics, performance, and test methods for extinguishing aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes, in addition to the requirements of the Directive 75/324/EEC.  Who is BS EN 16856 for?   BS EN 16856 on  portable aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes is useful for:  Fire and safety department  Firefighting engineers  Manufacturers and suppliers of portable aerosol dispensers Emergency response team  Why should you use BS EN 16856?   Aerosol dispenser device designed to produce a fine spray of liquid or solid particles that can be suspended in a gas such as the atmosphere. This type of product is intended for domestic use only in situations where fires of limited proportions are anticipated because of the nature of some process or activity, where the possibility of fire spreading to other materials is remote.  The aim of BS EN 16856 is to provide specifications for small disposable, aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing purposes with an acceptable level of performance. BS EN 16856 specifies that the aerosol dispensers for fire extinguishing apply an agent that will cool burning heat, smother fuel, or remove oxygen so the fire cannot continue to burn. A portable fire extinguisher can quickly control a small fire if applied by an individual properly trained.  BS EN 16856 is beneficial as it adhering to it, you can ensure a reduction in the number of harmful pollutants being released, while also reducing the amount of water required to fight the fire, helping minimize the impact on the environment.  As a user of BS EN 16856, it ensures you that the fire safety equipment you are using is not toxic or harmful to us or the environment and can effectively extinguish the fire.

BS EN 16856:2020

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