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Criteria for assessment of new extinguishants for inclusion in the ISO 14520 series

Benefits of Tracked ChangesChoosing Tracked Changes saves you time when trying to identify differences between the current version of the standard and its previous version. Additions, deletions, and other content revisions are all clearly displayed as underlined or strikethrough text, reducing the risk of you missing a key change.Overview What is PD ISO/TR 23107 about?   PD ISO/TR 23107 suggests specific types of information that can be useful for assessing safe and effective gaseous extinguishing media for inclusion in the ISO 14520 series.  Who is PD ISO/TR 23107 for?   PD ISO/TR 23107 on assessment of new extinguishants for inclusion is relevant to:   Extinguishant manufacturers  Testing agencies  Regulatory bodies  Certification bodies  Users of ISO 14520 series  Why should you use PD ISO/TR 23107?   PD ISO/TR 23107 includes technical information related to the design and use of total flooding fire extinguishing systems using liquefied or non-liquefied gaseous fire extinguishing agents.  PD ISO/TR 23107 recommends a checklist of examples of information used for the review of new gaseous extinguishing media in the ISO 14520 series.  If you are a manufacturer, PD ISO/TR 23107 provides you with the necessary parameters which enable inclusion of new extinguishants in the ISO 14520 series. This can help foster credibility and reliability in your products while also supporting product development initiatives.  What’s changed since the last update?  PD ISO/TR 23107:2021 supersedes PD ISO/TR 23107:2019, which is withdrawn. The main changes compared to the previous edition are as follows:  The title has been modified  Additional information has been added to the Introduction  The Scope has been reworded  Checklist items 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 have been renumbered 8, 8.1, and 8.2 respectively

PD ISO/TR 23107:2019

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